Product Review

"I have several years of use of your software and find it very user friendly."
Law Office of Timothy L Cook, Oklahoma City, OK.

Windows and Apple

LawTrust is designed for Windows computers but it will run on an Apple computer. The program requires very little space.
    Proven on Windows Versions
  • XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
LawTrust will run on Apple computers if you have installed a Windows environment using VMware Fusion or Parallels. Learn more about VMware Fusion or Parallels.

Report Options - 3 Way Account Reconciliation

LawTrust offers a ton of report options. Try it before you buy it. You can download the program for free. It is fully functioning. We created a testing file so you can see what the program does. See instructions below.

If you are required to perform a 3-way reconciliation, LawTrust handles this for you. Using the test file below, you can follow along with our instructions found in the manual or via our support page. Here are the links:

LawTrust Manual Step-by-Step instructions with images.

Step-by-Step Instructions no images.

Test File Download/Install Instructions

1. Download the test file and save it to your computer. Download Test File Here.

2. Follow the backup/restore feature to pull in the testing file data. How to Install Testing Data File Here.

Once you have followed these instructions, you can then try the many report options. The key report is the "View Complete Accounting Report". See the example immediately below.

Click Here to view the details of the Complete Accounting Report for our sample.

User Options

If LawTrust does not perform some function or print some report you think you need to satisfy your auditor, contact us. We will do our best to make adjustments to the program to make you happy. If it works for you, perhaps it works for others and we will sell more. Let us know. (Try that with Microsoft).

Not Cloud Based

Cloud based programs are risky. Open your favorite search engine (Google®) and search the words "cloud based hacked". Those who offer cloud based software make all kinds of promises to keep your data safe. Have you heard about hackers breaking into Pentagon computers? Have you heard about hackers being hired by the FBI? Click a link below and read.

Hackers Hired by FBI
Hackers Access Pentagon Files
Hospital Pays Hacker to release computers.
Pay ransome or else.

Report Options

LawTrust includes a number of report options. Print an individual ledger report for each client, complete with all transactions. Print a complete details report for all open files showing all transactions. Download the program for free. It is fully functional. Check out the reports.

Easy to Learn - Easy to Use

LawTrust has an extremely easy to use feature to add new client files. All the bells and whistles including notes; website and email address. Fast and efficient. Files are easily sorted and located. Easily archived and restored. Make a mistake; no problem.

LawTrust includes an easy-to-use preferences interface. LawTrust allows you to set the database path. This means you can keep your data on a cloud if you wish. With LawTrust, you can indicate US dollar symbol, Euro symbol or Sterling. Multi-lawyer user memory.

LawTrust should be compared to other programs on the market. Typically, however, they are loaded with other features you will never use, assuming you could figure out how to use them. LawTrust will meet and exceed your expectations.